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What is scoreing BIK

An additional function fulfilled by the BIK is determination of credit risk based on the so-called BIK scoring. This method defines the credit-worthiness of a person based on comparison of such a person’s profile with the profile of other people who were already granted a credit. If the profile of the person for whom the relevant inquiry was submitted is similar to the result of borrowers who meet their liabilities in a timely manner, then such a person receives additional points for the assessment. The banking scoring ranges from 192 to 631 points. Its value is calculated using special mathematical formula consisting of different variables regarding the credit history and credit activity of a given person. This covers both positive and negative events. The four main information groups influencing the assessment are credit quality, credit activity, use of credit limits, and the frequency of applying for credits. There is also a “no score” status for people who have never had any credit liabilities. Such a status is treated neutrally by the majority of banks, and it does not have a significant impact upon credit risk.

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