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Why am I in BIK

The register covers all bank customers who have credit liabilities or who expressed consent for data processing after the expiry of liabilities. Pursuant to the Banking Law there are two exceptions when information is processed by BIK without the customer’s consent:

  • The customer failed to meet liabilities, or fell into arrears, for over 60 days, and a subsequent 30 days passed from the moment such a customer was informed by the bank about the intent to process his/her data without his/her consent,
  • For 12 years from the date of expiry of a liability for the purposes related to banks using statistical models to assess credit risk (however, in such case this is not customer personal data but only statistical data).

Only the institution that made an entry is entitled to correct outdated or erroneous information, and not the person the information refers to. In this case, consumers have only the right of insight as to which data is processed, and the communication with the Credit Information Bureau proceeds with the intermediation of the relevant Bank or SKOK.

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