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Collections of best credits

The following assumptions are adopted in preparation of the list:

  1. The prepared list includes also usage of basic bank products such as personal account and credit card that reduce the total costs of handling the credit.
  2. The list does not cover usage of products that are so expensive that even despite the reduction of the credit margin they still increase the total costs of handling the credit (e.g. job loss insurance, insurance and investment products etc.).
  3. The presented credit instalments are final i.e. after establishment of credit securities.
  4. The calculations are prepared for 30-year crediting period based on the current levels of reference rates: WIBOR / EURIBOR / LIBOR.
  5. The instalments of foreign currency loans are calculated based on the assumptions of no exchange rate of the credit currency in reference to the launching rate.
  6. The instalments of foreign currency credits include the cost of foreign currency spread.

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