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O co chodzi w raporcie BIK | Analiza raportu BIK | Zapraszamy

How does Analizator BIK work ?

czyli o co chodzi w raporcie BIK i analiza raportu BIK w pigułce.
Analizator BIK is a platform that will not only present your credit history in a clear and transparent manner, but also provide you with an answer as to which banks you will have an opportunity to obtain a credit. Thanks to OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technologies, the system recognises the contents of the scanned BIK report that you are then able to see in a clear and comprehensible form. Moreover, together with your credit history you will receive the status of individual active liabilities, thanks to which you will know what actions you should take to obtain the most favourable credit! Thanks to the cooperation of Analizator BIK with both financial experts and banks, you have the possibility to receive comprehensive assistance, starting from the report analysis to obtaining the credit!

Free of charge BIK report analysis in 3 steps

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In order to send the report you have to have ready a scanned high-quality document quality of the following formats: *.jpg, *.png, *.gif lub *.pdf. You can use your own scanner and scan the paper version of the received report, or, after registration, download the electronic version from the website of the Credit Information Bureau (BIK). Remember, the better the quality of the document, the more precise your credit analysis report result will be!

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Thanks to innovative OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology, Analizator will read the scanned document and present the result of your analysis. Hundreds of columns and digits from the report will be processed into a table friendly and clear for your eye. You will be able to see in which banks you have liabilities, and whether they are paid without delays. Analizator BIK will also define your credit status, thanks to which you will find out which banks will accept your credit history.

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The idea of Analizator BIK is not only a clear presentation of credit history. Thanks to cooperation with 29 banks, and the support of credit experts, our platform assures comprehensive assistance in the process of gaining access to banking services. Our experts will provide you with FREE OF CHARGE professional assistance, even in complicated situations. Contact us after receipt of the result of your report analysis! It does not cost anything and requires only one click!

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